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Bulletin Board

Classic brick & mortar music stores have aimed to have a bulletin board / window free by the door for locals to advertise their concerts, performances, lesson studios, and more.

The digital age has lost this charm.

So I'm bringing it back!

Check out our Local Professional Musicians Below! Click on their Profile to see what they do and where.

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*The Tuneful Tech is not responsible for any listings posted.

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The Tuneful Tech Music Community

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Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, get updates and share photos. Introduce yourself, tell us what you play and why!

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We moved our Work-a-long today to 4-6pm. Feel free to join us. All you need is a computer and something to work on. :)

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Work-along Monday night!

Come watch us work, chat, and more. Bring your own work and we'll get thing checked off our lists!

Shanna Dement
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We had a great time at OKMEA last week! I only had time to take a couple pictures we were so busy. Here's a great pic of people trying out some SeriO Clarinets and of our booth. If you'd like to try some SeriO clarinets out or some new flutes check out our instrument trial page on the website!

Shanna Dement
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