Covid-19 Adjustments & Moving Forward

     With the world focusing on Covid-19 and the many facets of societal health, changes are being made everywhere to protect each other. All performance art forms have been hard hit with the risks brought by this virus and artists everywhere have stepped up to the task of keeping each other safe. However, the price was the cancellation of public performances and school events. I have hope that these will return as time goes by, but until then I want to assure you:

The Tuneful Tech has you in mind when repairing your instruments.

I have been doing several things to learn as much as possible about health and safety. ​

  • I have been doing my best to follow CDC Guidelines and the Local Government Mandates.

  • I have participated in a project called ICI, or Infection Control for Instruments. For more info on the project and to see the final product scroll to the bottom of this page.

  • I have implemented new guidelines for incoming and outgoing repairs in the shop as well as rearranging the shop for better repair flows.

  • I have been disinfecting the bench between every estimate and repair as well as creating separate benches for "dirty" and "clean" instrument jobs.

  • I disinfect every instrument after final play-testing.

The changes that are being made however are not solely for the current Covid-19 situation, but for all the Health and Safety of Musicians and their Instruments.

Health and Safety is not a new discussion in the Music Industry, but the in-depth study of Infection Control as applied to Instruments and Musicians is a helpful topic I hope to see added to music education in the future. It comes with many habits that we can implement easily. Safely directing habits towards individual instruments and their care without causing any damage & keeping musicians safer.

 To keep your instrument in top condition I  recommend having a COA (Clean, Oil, Adjust) if you have not had one in the last year or possibly sooner if you are a professional & playing more often than the average person (4-8 Hours a day). 

  • This is not related to Covid-19, it is just a regular recommendation.

New Guidelines, Options & Requests for Incoming and Outgoing Repairs 

  • When necessary/possible I may implement a 24-hour Up To 4-Day Quarantine for an instrument before on-site estimates/work as well as an option for after repairs are finished.

    • For an example of a 4-day Quarantine, if you drop off your flute on Monday it may be quarantined through Thursday and I will do an estimate on Friday. After your approval, and repairs have been made, you can leave it with me through another 4 days of quarantine before you pick it up, or you can pick it up at your convenience with the knowledge that I play-tested that instrument before it was sealed. 

    • Currently I am using Quarantines for instruments that have known contaminations. If you find out you are ill after you have dropped off an instrument I would appreciate a quick phone call so I can make sure to implement a full Quarantine for your instrument.


  • For customers needing & wanting a faster turn-around time. So to speed things up I have been implementing caution with handling the instruments before they are cleaned/disinfected; while doing estimates; and proper use of a safe disinfectant on the instrument before I pack any instrument back up when repairs are complete.

  • I am offering a Virtual Estimate for anyone who would like to remain socially distanced while we discuss your specific repair needs.

    • I will need you to fill out a couple forms, take a few pictures of your pads, and do a Zoom call with me Before dropping off your instrument. 

    • I can then write up a pre-estimate during the Zoom call and I will confirm the estimate after drop-off before I start the work, to confirm that nothing major was missed. 

  • Emergency Repairs or a 5&Under Repair (Meaning a repair I can get it done in less than 5 minutes). These repairs are usually quick and I don't generally play-test or guarantee them. If you would like me to play-test an instrument I will need to do more work to disinfect as well as to guarantee a job well well-done. The risks here are much smaller because of the short contact time, but I do recommend hand washing / hand sanitizer (for all parties involved) before and after these jobs on top of wiping down the instrument with proper IC care. 

  • Curbside pick-up and drop-off for all accessory purchases and repairs. Any accessory, instrument or repair can be handled curbside with just a quick phone call upon arrival. Everything on the online store is available for pick-up, just leave a note for me in the order before you place it, or give me a call to let me know your preference.

  • Request : Please clean your cases out before bringing your instrument in for repair. For many, many years technicians have silently cleaned out the instrument's case of used, broken reeds, crumpled up notes, gum, trash and the like, of course leaving all of your accessories in the cases. It is still easier to clean the case without all the excess in the way. (It also helps me to not forget anything.)

    • Please remove trash, metronomes, tuners, stands, music, and cleaning/polishing cloths. (If you have a washable cleaning cloth this is a perfect time to throw it in the wash!)

    • Please leave in the case - the instrument, mouthpiece, oils/grease you use, any loose pieces that hold the instrument in the case (saxophone case plugs, etc.), and for flutes, the cleaning rod.

    • If you have a soft outer case, you can keep it at home and I will more easily be able to disinfect your case when it arrives.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

My Repair Plans & Schedules

All Repairs


No Rush Job - *Typically 1-3 Weeks*

  • Drop-off & Estimate

  • Approval

  • Quarantine

  • Repair

  • Disinfection

  • 4-Day Quarantine (Optional)

  • Pick-up

All Repairs

Minimal Rush Job - *Typically 1-3 Weeks*

  • Virtual Estimate

  • Drop-off

  • Quarantine until 1st Confirmation & Repair

  • Disinfection

  • 4-Day Quarantine (Optional)

  • Pick-up

*Final Times will be based on current repairs in house*

General Repairs Only

Not available for COAs or Overhauls

Emergency Repair Job - Same Day

  • Drop-off

  • “Aggressive Disinfection”

  • Estimate

  • Approval

  • Same Day Repair

  • “Aggressive” Disinfection

  • Pick-up

  • Extra $25 Charge for Rush Job

Infection Control for Instruments (ICI)

  • ICI is an eBook that was written to discuss germs and their affect on the music community and how Infection Control can be implemented in our daily maintenance to protect ourselves and each other from infections.

  • If you have any questions about the project or would like to view the published articles here is a link to the free eBook and other documents.

  • The ICI Statement of Purpose was written before the project was complete and is below. ICI Statement of Purpose:

    • Infection Control for Musical Instruments (ICI) is a project intended to empower music industry professionals to make their own decisions and recommendations for instrument handling with sanitary hygiene in mind. 

    • Creating or upgrading protocols or practices is a daunting task that each of us must face, though it can seem overwhelming.

    • Meanwhile, Interim guidelines have been offered by the CDC to help organizations who need immediate cleaning and disinfection and recommendations. This link takes you to a page written for existing Coronavirus, but with discussion added about what we know so far about Covid-19: