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Brand new Beaumont microfibre cloths are made from recycled plastic bottles, every square metre of material keeps approximately 10 plastic bottles out of landfills.

Used by technicians and professionals, from Tokyo to New York- you can rely on your Beaumont cloth to care for your precious instrument too. And now you can rest assured that by caring for your instrument you are also helping to care for your environment. 

A Beaumont microfiber cloth is designed first and foremost to be fantastic at its job, they just happen to look great while doing it. Each cloth is formed from thousands of tiny wedged shaped fibres that capture moisture, dirt and grease as they wipe over a surface. They are extremely soft and smooth making them perfect for cleaning precious and delicate instruments.


Beaumont 10 x 10 inch microfibre cloths are perfect for cleaning your instrument. Soft and smooth, it is ideal for polishing delicate surfaces like silver. Highly absorbent, and machine washable.

Beaumont Microfiber Cleaning Cloth



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