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Welcome to the Member's Area!!!

Take a look around, create your profile, maybe start a group and invite some friends.

Everything here also connects to the App!

To connect to the app Download the Wix app and sign in with your username and password.

If you can't find it I can send you a personalized link.

What is the Member's Area for?

  • Primarily to allow you the customer to be able to create a wishlist of items from the shop. This is why I added the area.

  • But it comes with much more!

    • The ability to view past orders and bookings (only ones made directly on the site unfortunately, phone-ins & some emails do not link properly)​

    • The ability to control your own information. (I may still need to confirm information from my accounting software)

    • Connected account with the Wix App connecting you to The Tuneful Tech community.

      • The app is similar to a facebook page without being on facebook. We can share notifications about new products, events​ and create groups for topical discussions.

      • You can also make posts in the App and find new friends to talk music with.

My hope is for us to connect a Community of TTT Musicians