About Me

My name is Christina Colston I am a Flute player, Instrument Repair Tech, Sister, Daughter, Dog owner, and Teacher. I have a bachelors in Music Education from SWOSU and Six Certifications to repair all the different Woodwind and Brass instruments from the Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technologies (CIOMIT). I have been repairing woodwinds for 9 years and teaching how to repair on and off for 4.


In 2011 I briefly apprenticed with Weldon Collier at Midwest Music in Weatherford, OK before he retired. During and after his retirement I studied, apprenticed, and eventually taught how to repair next to Daniel Parker @ CIOMIT in Colorado. Together Dan and Weldon had/have over 100 years of experience and they passed as much of it as they could down to me and the many others they instruct(ed).


After working with Dan for nearly 3 full years, I had aspirations of my own to achieve back home in OK. So here I am hoping to pass on their knowledge and build a music store of my own in OKC near my family.


I am here to serve the OKC area with expert flute, clarinet, saxophone, brass repair and much more.

Have a look around the site and then Save It to your home page or mobile device desktop. I plan on adding classes, tips & tricks, articles & advice  from other techs or directors, lesson handouts, and much more. If you would like to ask me anything about my services or suggest topics for the blog, click this link to contact me here.