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All Music, All the Time: Top Blogs for Fans

Do you live and breathe music? Are you an industry mover-and-shaker who needs to keep an eye on artists breaking in, who’s moving up, and who is busting the charts? Or maybe you’re one of those artists? Wherever you fall on the music spectrum, here are a few blogs that will satisfy your need for news and views

Pitchfork: The granddaddy of music blogs

In the beginning, there was the internet. On the second day, there was Pitchfork. It’s not quite that old, but it has been a go-to for a quarter of a century. The self-proclaimed “most trusted voice in music” pays close attention to indie, experimental, metal, electronic pop, and hip-hop sounds. It posts new information daily and is worth bookmarking if you’re interested in reviews, interviews, features, news, and information on upcoming music events.

Best. Saxophone. Website. Ever. The name says it all

Best. Saxophone. Website. Ever. This astonishingly complete resource with insights from and about the great saxophonists is the domain of Doron Orenstein. He has toured with acts ranging from the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra to reggae master Half Pint, and the business wisdom and elements of saxophone mastery reflect that diversity.

CMU Insights: Valuable resource for up-and-comers

The CMU Insights features webinars and master classes, what’s trending, and authoritative how-to articles on the business of music. It also posts updates on its conferences, events, speed briefings, and access to research and training.

Music Business Ahead: Information for music store owners

Music store owners looking for timely and expert information on tips, tricks, and insights for growing their business turn to Music Business Ahead.

Hypebot: Music technology and much more

Hypebot is located at the crossroads of music, technology, and business. If you need to stay on top of the trends that are shaping how music is produced, discovered, consumed, marketed, and monetized, bookmark it.

International Clarinet Association: Top blog for clarinet geeks

The International Clarinet Association’s blog is dedicated to fostering communication and fellowship of clarinetists on a worldwide basis through publishing a quarterly scholarly journal, The Clarinet, producing an annual clarinet festival, ClarinetFest®, and more.

Ditto Music blog: Helpful info for indie musicians

This is the place for answers to questions about indie music distribution, online marketing, promotion, and more. And if getting paid is important, visit often for proven advice and strategies to make that happen.

Music Business Worldwide: Leader in global music industry info

300,000 unique users every month with a total of 7 million-plus total views between its founding in 2015 and 2019 ranks MBW among the most visible blogs in music. This is the place where musicians, managers, and publishers go for information and insights before making career and business moves.

The Music Crew: Top blog for music teachers

The Music Crew is the go-to resource with teaching tips organized by topic (rhythm, pitch, assessment, composition, for instance), seasonality, music appreciation, and pedagogy.

Pigeons & Planes: Cutting-edge new music resource

Pigeons & Planes is a property that features top artists in hip-hop, pop, indie rock, and electronic music. Its in-depth interviews with the biggest names in the game make it a must-read.

Stereogum: Best for finding new bands

Stereogum calls itself the “world’s best music blog” because it has been on the job for two decades. It publishes breaking news, new music, informed opinion writing, interviews, and lists.

Resident Advisor: The electronic music showcase

If you’re down with the electronic and dance sounds, Resident Advisor ( is your place. All of its writers are dance music professionals who shine the light on the people and communities who are driving the action in the local, national, and global scene.

Hip Hop Wired: Everything you need to know about hip hop

Hip Hop Wired is the national blog of Hip-Hop Nation. It provides respectful and lively coverage of all things important to the nation, and fans can’t get enough of its unique and accurate perspective, advocacy, and meaningful discussion and debate.

Billboard: The senior statesman of top 40

The only people who don’t read the digital version Billboard are probably not in the popular music industry. Period.

Your EDM: Alternate guide for e-music

House music. Bass. Trance. The Discord opens a community for fans of electronic dance music. Find it on Your EDM. The blog delivers the trends, who’s who, and fresh features from the EDM landscape.

The Music Entrepreneur: Helpful information for all types of music pros

Musicians, label owners, producers, managers, and just about everyone else in the music industry reads The Music Entrepreneur for information about marketing, music promotion, instrumentation, tech, and playing techniques. Emerging artists especially love it for its tips and tricks for building long, profitable careers.

Bob Baker’s The Buzz Factor: Marketing how-to for musicians

The Buzz Factor is unique. Bob Baker is a musician, lecturer, and author of Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook and the Music Marketing 101 course offered through Berklee School of Music’s online continuing education. If you’re looking for proven ways to break in and step up, bookmark Bob’s blog.

Ledger Note: Music playing tips and more

Committed to rigorous study and professional experience, Ledger Note is a source that helps performers strengthen and deepen their skills, understanding, and expertise. It provides access to the most pertinent information possible regarding all aspects of music.

Consequence of Sound: Top resource for live performances

Consequence of Sound is a Chicago-based pop-music resource for breaking music news, the latest rumors, song premieres, album reviews, exclusive playlists, and more. There’s also a section where you can find information about tour dates and festival line-ups.

Brooklyn Vegan: Great for sharing your opinions.

Bring on the metal, punk, rap, and dance attitude. Brooklyn Vegan also keeps tabs on comedy and film and invites readers to chime in on its articles.

While this is by no means a complete list of all the music blogs out there, it provides a nice mix of reputable blogs that are publishing great content across music types, audiences, and interests. Stay up to date by following ones that provide information about the topics you care about.


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