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Derived from one of the fastest growing and most sustainable energysources in the world, Beaumont flute swabs are made using Bamboo Charcoal. Not only is it one of the most exciting eco-friendly fabrics available, but it's also technically superior to anything else available on the market. How do we know? Because Beaumont took their swabs to the laboratory and tested them.

Beaumont swabs absorb faster (and crucially, dry faster too) than cotton, silk and microfibre. Used by technicians and professionals, from Tokyo to New York - you can rely on your Beaumont flute swab to care for your precious instrument too. Designed to be used with any flute rod they are as user friendly as they are effective.

A Beaumont flute swab is designed first and foremost to be fantastic at its job, they just happen to look great while doing it.

  • Highly absorbent lint free bamboo
  • 10 inch X 10 inch
  • Machine washable.

Check out this video on Youtube for more information on the Bamboo Charcoal in these swabs:

Beaumont Flute Swab



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