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These beautiful Batons are locally handcrafted in OK.

Custom orders by request.

The light-weight flexible fiberglass shaft won't break on striking and is balanced with each individual handle.


Currently available at The Tuneful Tech:

A - 14" Bocote Tulip

B - 13" Limited Edition Spectraply Bishop

C - 13" Honduran Rosewood Classic

D - 12" Purpleheart Classic


N&C Music Baton Descriptions:


"Fully Customized

Signature Batons are handcrafted in the N&C workshop and made to order. Our craftsman carefully selects the durable wood, carves the handle from scratch, and polishes with care. All are quality-tested for balance and longevity by conducting professionals.


The Length

Baton length is highly contested in the conducting world. Some say it depends on the size of the ensemble. Some say it depends on the length of your forearm.

The truth is that it's up to you and your comfort. If unsure, we can help you decide.

Most of our batons are 12-14 inches long. Extended lengths are available with special order.


The Shaft

Our Signature Batons use a custom white fiberglass shaft, tapered and fitted to each baton handle.

At a diameter of 5/32th of an inch, the fiberglass is lightweight and more sustainable than wood. The fiberglass is reinforced, making it as unsnappable as it is striking.


The Handle

There are many different conducting styles out there – we understand how daunting it can be to decide what handle style fits best. That's why we offer many versatile options for your comfort.

We also offer different exotic woods to satisfy your aesthetic.


Handle cut options:

The Classic - Sleek, Timeless

The Tulip - Fuller, Bold

The Lenny - Inspired by the famous baton of Leonard Bernstein

The Flex - Fresh, Adaptable

Limited Edition : The Bishop - Vintage, Striking


Material Options:

Bocote - Classic, Bold - Cool browns with striking dark brown to black stripes

Cocobolo - Dynamic, Eye-Catching - Naturally-occurring kaleidoscope of colors with characteristic patterns

Honduran Rosewood - Charming, Elegant - A warm chocolate color with mauve undertones

Indian Ebony (new) - Glossy, Daunting - Deep black tone that hides its grains until illuminated

Padauk - Vibrant, Uplifting - Ranges from a bright medium orange to a deep brown-red

Persimmon - Delicate, Mellow - Light golden with variable undertones Native to Oklahoma and locally sourced

Purpleheart - Distinctive, Lush - Begins as a dark purple that becomes more vibrant over time"

Spectraply - Layers of several types of wood creating a unique color pattern.


N&C Music Batons



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