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This 601 Sonare by Powell has a lovely sound. It  has a Sterling Silver body, silver-plated keys, B footjoint with Gizmo, offset G keys, French cups, Split E, and a Handmade Powell Signature Headjoint.

Manufactured in 2013, this flute is 11 years old well maintained and had its last COA in the fall of '23. 

You will some plating loss on a few keys where the players hands sit as well as some other minor cosmetic issues. These do not affect the playability of the flute unless the player has a severe metal allergy. 

The case does show some age in the wood. You can see this by the bowing on the top section. It does close and latch and is safe for the flute. But a new case might be on the horizon.

Schedule a playtest at our location in OKC. 

Powell Flute



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